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School Fundraiser
Create a Healthy Community with sports,
and wellness programming.


Legendary Fundraising 

Exceed fundraising goals by simply having fun.

Raise funds with sports, health, and wellness programming.

Keep Calm and Just Have Fun. No Sales Experience is Necessary.

Legendary Fundraising for grades k-12

Choose your event day activity

Legendary Fundraiser Event Day is the main event at the end of our fundraising efforts. This catalyzes your school and its family to get active and raise funds. Select the event that will captivate your audience. Don't be bashful, you won't be the only one who chooses two fundraising events for the calendar year.

School Fundraiser Legendary Color Run

This event will be dubbed, ”the greatest day of the year” as the students take on Legendary Action Park challenges in football, basketball, home run derby, dodgeball, or other events.  The event's grand finale is the Color Run.

Turn your largest indoor or outdoor recreation area into 4 stage battle zone. Each class will take part in VR dance challenges until a Legend of Dance is crowned.

School Fundraiser Sports Gamer Olympics

This is a no-brainer. Children love video games. Children also love physical activities. We will combine both to create VR Gaming Arenas with sports challenges. Featuring Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Track and field, Dancing, and Fitness Challenges.

This event includes a ColorRun, Action Park, healthy refreshments & snacks, music, and community networking. This event is great for greats 6 - 12.

more profits than ever before.

Once we get started you are a few clicks from an event that has no other rivals. Teachers share registration information, families create amazing personalized fundraising sites, and online donations pure in. And, everyone is invited to the event.

Transparent online fundraising that's safe and secure. 

Powerful fundraising platform that allows you to receive donations from around the globe.

Connect with Local Businesses to raise funds and effect positive change in your community.


Partnering with you to produce our community's next generation of legends is an honor and a privilege.


Make your school a

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