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To encourage as many families as possible to make our sports fitness suite of services a part of their everyday life.

Our Why

We have a deep love for fitness, communities, and children. This love is our motivation to seek to create positive change. Your Legendary Fundraiser Event is the result of that process. It is also a way for us to share our love for you. You are true heroes and we know that additional funding resources greatly support your mission to serve your students. Partnering with you to produce our community's next generation of legends is both an honor and a privilege.

what is legendary fundraiser?

One thing that we all know is that it takes all of us to make a difference. Legends Sports Fitness Club has created legendary excitement for fundraising enabling schools to fill the void when funding is in short supply. Once we get started you are a few clicks from an event that has no other rivals. Teachers share registration information, families create amazing personalized fundraising sites, and online donations pour in. And, everyone is invited to the event.

We engineer your Legendary Fundraiser to comply with safety protocols set forth by your Organization, School District, and State Government agencies. Our activities on-campus and virtual events are customized by you to ensure safety, fun, full student participation, and great potential to meet or exceed your fundraiser goal.

why Legendary Fundraiser leaves a lasting impression on our clients, their families, and their Communities

we love what 
we do!

Our fitness lifestyle leads us to motivate and share its benefits with kids. Being able to lend a hand to our heroes that educate our future generations of Legends is the double whipped icing with a cheery on top.

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Legendary Fundraising Platform & Results

Your excellent organization teamed up with our fundraising tools will exceed all fundraising expectations: transparent results and a customizable webpage for everyone involved.


legends Live

Legends Sports Fitness Club will challenge everyone involved to practice the virtues of a legend. Once our event is over our financial donations to the surrounding community will be focused on shaping future legends.

ready to be a

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