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Color Run & Legendary Action Park

are you ready to be amazed?

Action Park

Let's have fun and be active with action park sports challenges. Students will participate in sports challenges and the Legends Splash Zone. 


Color Run

Students can walk or run around our color run arena and its color zones distributing hundreds of pounds of color powder as students encounter each color zone.

Everybody wins

  • Because everyone is having fun.

  • No start-up cost.

  • Students aren't turned into salesmen.

  • Parents don't have to eat unsold chocolate.



Event planning

Customized events allow you to take control of your legendary experience. Follow all on-campus protocols. Limit class and office interruptions.  

Ready to launch

Our Legendary Launch events introduce the fundraiser to your participants. This can be a virtual event or choose to turn your recreational classes into a 15 min outdoor Launch Party  

weekly events

Weekly events are important to continue the momentum of excitement with interactive challenges and rewards. Also, give out information about the event and share fundraising tips. Weekly Liven Event Q&As are also available for offsite participants, families, and donors.

ready to be a

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