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Legends Live


School Fundraiser

leaving a lasting legacy is very important to Legends SFC

After all the fun and excitement, live events, fundraising, and experiencing your legendary action park. We want to make sure our imprint has a positive lasting effect on our clients, participants, families, donors, and the community. We don't just talk we put our money where our mouth is by using a percentage of our profits to help provide continuous Health, Wellness, and Development programs.

After School Legends

Legends Sports Fitness Club will commit to being available to provide pointed and impactful after-school fitness programming. We wont only challenge your families to be Legends on the playground but to also have a legendary impact in the classroom and their communities as well.

Enreichment Youth Camp for Boys and Girls
Miami Youth Boys and Girls Sports Camp

We challenge and implore participants to be well-rounded and to live a lifestyle that has a positive impact on others. Legends Sports Fitness Club is always looking for opportunities to lead by example and be able to be an asset to our clients and their communities after our events come to an end. Our Legacy Continues.....


Youth sports and performance training are the foundation of our after-school programming. Enrichment and development activities are available upon request. These services are paid for by the profit Legends Sports Fitness Club receives from our partnership.

Sports Camp, Boys and Girls
School Fundraiser

All you have to do is schedule dates throughout your calendar year with us. Notify your parents that there is a special after-school activity, along with signup information.

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