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We specialize in Fun+Raising

Adapting to each school/organization's individual needs is part of the fun. There is no obstacle we can't hurdle, we welcome your challenge. 

today's circumstances calls for legendary solutions 

Legendary fundraiser 


legendary fundraiser (7).png

Kickoff Event: This is when we introduce your Legendary Funraiser to your students/organization. Music, Fun, Games, and challenges will get everyone excited and motivated to be a Legendary Fundraiser.

Legendary fundraiser 


Weekly Live Events: Riding our kick-off momentum is essential to ensure everyone is engaged. With on-campus or virtual events we can keep the excitement flowing and keep everyone updated with live-streamed Q&A events for fundraisers, parents, and donors.

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Legendary fundraiser 


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Legendary Action Park: Other than working together for a great cause, nothing beats Event Day. Virtual or In-person this will be one of the best experiences of the year. Your Legendary Action Park will be packed full of excitement for everyone involved. Are you ready for an action-packed thrill ride?

online donations

can  be received as soon as we lunch your fundraiser.

Customized | Flexible | inclusive

your legendary Fundraiser is engineered
for an amazing experience

We engineer your Legendary Fundraiser to comply with safety protocols your organization, school district, and state government agencies set forth. Our activities on-campus and virtual are customized by you to ensure safety, fun, and successfully reaching your goals. Engineer your event to ensure everyone can participate and successfully achieve your goals.

Saftey + Fun = Success

ready to be a

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