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SAFTEY + fUN = Sucess

During these unprecedented times, we have all been grateful for everything we have. As we strive for greatness Legends SFC wants to offer you a reliable fundraising platform. Interactive family fundraising and easy online donations make sure that you surpass your goals.

Fundraising made simple

Once you've decided to host our event, your parents and students will seamlessly create a fundraising page. Adding a personalized message with photos and videos is very effective. Next parents/students will be instructed to share their customized fundraising page link via email, text, and social media. This link will allow friends and family to donate directly to the parent/students page.

Family on Digital Tablet
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you are


Electrify everyone's day with a customized Fundraising Site showcasing your school spirit. The excitement does not end there, parents and students will be able to create and customize their personal fundraising pages.

  • Communicate with Parents and Donors with personalized Videos

  • Share important event updates

  • Give community partners recognition

  • Inspirational messages

the more you share

the more you Raise

Digital social media

Everyone loves girls scout cookies, but setting up a table and trying to sell them is another thing. Forget about door-to-door selling by pushing chocolate, cookies, and wrapping paper.

Create your fundraising page and share your link with everyone you know instantly!

Impactful Updates

 Your fundraising site allows your school/organization and all participants to see instant progress as you progress to your goals. Event leaders receive detailed reporting on your participants and donations.

  • Instant live updates

  • Teachers/group leaders can track and communicate with teams

  • Set individual and team goals

  • Donors can leave inspiring messages

ready to be a

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